Build your Own Whatsapp Clone in 50$

If you are looking to build your own WhatsApp like the app then I will suggest you one amazing software that can help you in building your own WhatsApp.

WhatsClone Messenger is an Android app that supports almost all mobile phones. It is build using NodeJs & Mongodb, for client-side App is using Room as database local.

Using WhatsClone users can do is a real-time chat with friends (Like WhatsApp). You can send and share (images or videos or audio or pdf) etc. there is a database local to save your messages, so when user lost the internet connection he can write a message, the message will be saved on database local and once the other user comes online the app will send your message directly.

Also, you can delete conversations or messages. Feel free and enjoy the new emoticons. For the Backend side, you can control your app as you want even you can control and settings up the Admob from the dashboard.

If you are interested then you can buy this application from here

Secure Chat app

The secure chatting app is also a WhatsApp clone but has some different feature, App uses your mobile internet connection to send messages to family, friends, near and dear ones.

This is a full Real-time application that comes with humongous features benefiting every user in every way they need with secure and fast messaging protocols.

React Native Chat App

This is a react native app. Full native (android ios) real-time chat app. It is very easy to use and app is available for both Android and Ios users.

If you are interested then you can buy this app from here


How to Download Whatsapp Contacts – Working

Whatsapp plays a very important role in everyone life and today almost everyone uses Whatsapp, but WhatsApp doesn’t give the option to export or import WhatsApp contacts from your phone or pc using web WhatsApp, so we decided to come up with a solution that can help you in downloading contacts from WhatsApp.

You need to download chrome extension for this and that extension can easily help you in downloading WhatsApp contact. This extension has the below features.

  • Can save all numbers from Contacts list
  •  Can save all numbers from Chats list
  • Can save all numbers from the Groups list
  •  Can save all numbers from the Broadcast list (NEW)
  • Can save all numbers from Archived list (NEW)
  • Can save all numbers from Label list (NEW)
  •  One-click to download contacts (Name and Number)
  • Excel sheet (.csv) file
  • Easy install and newbie-friendly.

You need to buy this extension and you will find all steps in the documentation for downloading contact from WhatsApp.

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Facebook Whatsapp Messenger Chat Slang

Looking for chat slangs or  want to know the meaning of chat slangs used by your friends while chating with you in facebook chat, gtalk or in whatsapp messenger or want to impress anyone by using those abbreviations.