Trace Mobile Number Location Find Unknown/Missed Callers

Trace Mobile Number LocationEvery person get lot of spam and unknown calls, its easy for every person to afford mobile but its hard to assist any stranger call , Low call rates are also responsible for increase in the number of strange calls .


How to Check if Someone is Using my Wifi

Your modem will automatically notify you when anyone tries to connect your wifi, But that is possible only when you have used an easy password or no password, avoid using an easy password or default password in your modem otherwise anyone can connect and steal your wifi data.

Maximum times your neighbors are stealing your internet, so always update your password if you share your password with multiple people then change your password and avoid using any Wifi Password Show app in your device, because they save all your password and display that to the public, so if you are using any such app then remove that immediately and assign a new password.

You can easily detect Wireless Bandwidth Theft using simple tricks and methods, All you need is to follow steps properly.

How to Detect Wireless Bandwidth Theft

Log in to you network router by typing the IP address into the address bar of your web browser. The IP address often is written on the router, but more often than not the address is or

Open the list of attached devices. This could be called “Status,” “Device List” or “Wireless Nodes,” depending on your router. You are looking is a list of MAC addresses or “clients” that are using your network.

Verify each device listed as your own device. If there are more addresses than your devices, your bandwidth is being used by another device.

How to Stop Wifi Bandwidth Theft

To Stop Wifi Bandwidth Theft use Scary Wireless Names like c:virus.exe or something like that which discourage user to use your Open Wifi Network.

Find Who is using your Mobile WIFI

If you are a mobile user then try using android app “Who Use My WiFi?” this app will display all the devices connected to your wifi with their IP and MAC address.

If any unauthorized device is connected to your mobile phone then it will provide you with whole details.


Facebook Ads Targeting Plan to Gain More Reach at Low Cost

Facebook is now a very popular medium to advertise and target customer, if you know how to target ads in facebook then you can easily get a lot of sales at a very low cost, Today we will discuss with you how you can target people according to your product category.

Facebook set there ad price based on competition if any targeted keyword has a lot of advertisers then that ad price will automatically get high. so if you are looking for low biding or low ad cost then target those keywords which are less popular among advertisers.

How to Choose Right Keywords in Facebook

Just like AdWords facebook don’t have target keywords, but you can use smart tagging that will auto target your keywords related to a product.Best way to target a user in facebook is using facebook page, you can create page name according to your product keywords and then advertise your product using that page. It will help you getting targeted customer right in your pocket.

So next time when you advertise any product then create a page that is based on your product keyword and then boost your product using that page.

How to Gain Reach in Facebook Ads at Low Cost

If you want to Gain more reach at low cost in all your Facebook ads then create engaging ads that will bring more comments and more likes, more likes and comment you receive less price you will get, because engaging post is considered as user friendly and Facebook ads system help those ads to reach potential users at low cost.

If any of your ads get less reach and user is not responding and reacting on your ads then its better to remove those ads and try something else, if you continue with same ads then Facebook will charge a high price for that even when competition is low for that keyword.

Target FACEBOOK Ads using Different Option

Target Ads Based on Language, Behaviours, Interest, Demographics, Gender, Age Group, Occupation If you select all this section as per your product then you will get good results.

You can even Target those users whose birthday or anniversaries are near, You can target this using Life Event Sections.You can Target Facebook Page Admins using Behaviour section of Ads.

If you want to promote Apps using Facebook ads section then you can target Mobile Device based on OS like Android System, Windows System etc

Test your Content before Pushing for Facebook Ads

More friendly your ads are lower your cost is, you can test a demo of your content before creating ads on Facebook, you can approach any page to share your link and you can see how people are responding to your content.If you are getting a good response then you can go for promotion in facebook if you are not getting a good response then Facebook will charge you the high price because it’s not users friendly.

How to Gain More reach at Low Cost

To gain more reach you need to focus on content, the More engaging content result in wider reach at low cost, You only need to push your content using Facebook ads and rest users will do for you if it’s more engaging and related to user interest.

You can’t force any users to share your content by showing ads to them again and again if you do this then Facebook will charge you a high price for this, so if you want to reach the target such audience who will share your content.

How to increase organic reach on facebook

To promote your product or brand you need to create killer content that will automatically reach to all users, Take help of public groups,
Video content is most valuable content, if your video content is rich then it will auto go viral amazing users and you don’t need to spend any money to promote your product.

Why Facebook is Good option for Advertisement

The best thing about Facebook ads is that your ads get a chance to go viral whereas there is no such option in Google product like Youtube, Google search result etc, In facebook you get a chance to reach a good audience and at a very cheap cost when compared with Google AdWords.


What to do If Facebook Page Hacked Email Changed

First of all, don’t panic without wasting your time I will direct suggest you follow this steps to recover your lost page, Here time is a very important factor and also never lose hope, if you lose hope your page will never be recovered, You can also file FIR report to your cyber police station.

Hacking or Hijacking page is a Crime and if anyone is involved in this then he/she may be punished for doing this.Now what to do if your Facebook page is hacked.

Change your Profile Password

Change your facebook profile password and all associated profile password which is linked to that facebook page, Doing this will prevent any further hacking on that facebook page.

Review your recent login details by going to Setting > Security and login tab and if you find any unauthorized login then click not you from a drop-down menu of that page.

Enable Get alerts about unrecognized logins, so that you can get alerts whenever anyone will try to log in your profile.

Recover Lost Facebook Page

Go to Hacked Page Facebook and follow all steps to tell facebook, what actually happened and how you lost your pages.

If your Profile is also safe then Visit this Page to Recover your Hacked Pages.

Facebook Profile Email changed

When an email is changed, then Facebook send a message to the previous email account with a special link. You can click this link to reverse the email change and secure your account.

Remove All Apps that asked for Manage App Permission

Remove all recently installed application, Many apps take access to your page and get the authority to post on your page on your behalf, You can find and remove those Apps from your Facebook profile.

Go To Settings > Apps click the X, and confirm by clicking Remove.

Manage Facebook Pages using Business Account

If you linked your business account with your facebook pages then it’s hard for anyone to hack ownership of your page. From Business account, you can manage multiple business pages and you can add remove admin from that account.

Make sure don’t add any unauthorized person in your business account because if anyone gains access to business account then they can hack your facebook page.

If you have a team to manage your Facebook page then you can give admin access to that person and keep ownership of that page in your business account.

There are many cases when employes and hacker gain access to a business account and hijacked your page using team viewer and other accounts.

Avoid taking Help of any Third Party for Page Verification

Facebook doesn’t send any notification to verify your page if you get a notification then avoid clicking on it because its an attempt to hack your facebook page, many page owner are looking to verify their pages and they get into such scam.

Facebook enables page verification option automatically and verification option is automatically visible in page setting, so if you want to verify your page then wait for facebook manual verification.

If everything fails then take help of this form and you can get back your lost page.


5 Reason Why you and Your Website Get Blocked in Facebook

The content that you are trying to share includes a link that’s been blocked for being spammy or unsafe

Facebook is very popular social networking and website and it’s a popular source of traffic on the internet, many websites like BuzzFeed get millions of traffic from Facebook and it’s also considered as an important ranking signal in Google.

Now if you follow any illegal means to get traffic and spam Facebook then your website will be blocked in google and you will not able to share that blocked links again.

Why Facebook Block Website or Link

You are spreading Spam in all Groups and pages on Facebook– If you will post spam links in groups using same profile again and again and user will report that link then that link will be considered as spam, Facebook will first block that URL and if user keep on reporting this then they will block domain as well.

You are spreading spyware and harmful script using your website Avoid sharing any such URL on Facebook that will harm user system or mobile, Facebook can easily detect those devices, Facebook uses their own browser to detect those websites.If you are page or group owner and sharing such links then avoid doing this because this will also harm your page users.

You are posting porn and gambling content on your website or pages or Groups– Facebook and google and all other social network websites block promotion of porn and gambling content, so if your website is doing this and you are using Facebook for promotion then facebook will block your domain and they will never unblock you

You are posting Fake news on Facebook If Facebook will find that you are sharing fake news then they will either block or domain or they will reduce the visibility of domain content in facebook.If your domain is blocked for posting fake news in facebook then make sure that they will not re-enable that again because facebook is very serious about fake news.

You are using boots too for auto likes on Facebook – Avoid using any such method to collect likes because Facebook doesn’t support all these practices, if you want to get likes then focus on content.If your content is good then there are a lot of pages on facebook who will push your content for free.

These are some main reason why your website or pages gets blocked on Facebook

How to Unblock URL from Facebook

If You think your website is blocked in error then you can appeal this block to Facebook and they will remove this block within 24-48 hours, To appeal this you can go to this Appeal page and fill all necessary information about your link.You can also read how to unblock URL on Facebook

If that is not working then you can contact facebook using advertisement channel and raise a request to unblock your domain that is blocked by Facebook.

If you fail to contact them then you can also request us with all required information and we will do this job for you.Please make sure your website is not involved in any porn or adult related content violation in facebook.


Website Url Blocked Spam from Facebook How To Unblock ?

Facebook block or blacklist any website URL or domain for many reasons, Do you know over 60% of domain name bought have previously been used by somebody in the past? it is always advisable you check that domain name or website you want to buy to see if it been ban by Google search or Facebook or not.

You will get below message from facebook

It looks like you’re trying to promote a website or content that doesn’t meet Facebook’s Ad Guidelines ( If you think blocking this is an error, then please fill out this form to let us know.

Try running your website through the Facebook Debugger, This tool was built to help to identify any errors that Facebook is reading from your website, and help provide information on what needs to be fixed to unblock your link.

Why Facebook BLOCK or Banned your Website or Domain

  • If you use illegal means to get likes from Facebook users use automated tool to flood likes to your website, if you use any third party service who use black hat service to collect facebook likes
  • If your domain is promoting pornography or spammy and malicious content in facebook groups pages or anywhere in facebook .
  • If your business model is similar to facebook then they may block your domain just like they block telegram app from WhatsApp but its very rare .
  • If your website try to spread hatred or content that is against country .

How to Unblock your Domain or Website from Facebook

You can Unblock your domain or website from facebook by reporting this to facebook from here [if link stop working report us ]


Also, read – 5 Reason Why you and Your Website Get Blocked in Facebook


If Your Google AdSense account has been Disabled Fix

AdSense account has been disabled.

Current account status: Disabled

Action required: None

There are a lot of reason which results in termination of Adsense account, but before it gets blocked you will get a warning from google and you can see that in “Page-level enforcements”.

So if your account is disabled then the only way to get back your account is using appeal and if you state a valid reason why Google will reactive your disabled account then your account will be enabled.

Reason why your Account is Disabled

  • Invalid clicks and impressions – You are not allowed to click your own ads, google smart technology detect all such clicks very easily so if you do this google can easily identify those clicks.
  • Content – Google doesn’t allow the publisher to add ads on a website that serve Gambling content or content that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Adsense also restricts to place ads where the Copyrighted material is used.
    Traffic Sources is very important for Google because traffic source will decide how ads will be served, you are not allowed to add ads on the website who are getting traffic from a porn site or from sites that violate webmaster guidelines.
  • Ad placement is another important point, you are not allowed to encourage users to click Adsense ads.

These are some important reason why your ads get blocked for details about Google Adsense policy you can visit AdSense program policies .

Google will also see intention behind your website, if a website is launched to help users and that website user is creating scrapped content then Google may enable your disabled Adsense account because it’s created by users, not by you.

What happens to Pending Payment of Disabled Adsense Account

If your account is disabled then all your pending amount will be withheld by google because it’s already stated in the AdSense Terms and Conditions.

How to Appeal Disabled Account

You can find Appeal link in your email which state description about why your AdSense account is disabled, If you don’t see any forum or email then you can email them at

Google AdSense Ad Serving Has Been Disabled to Your Site

If Ad Serving Has Been Disabled to Your Site then you can appeal to this by login to your Adsense account and visit this Direct link

Adsense policy violation Appeal Form

If you account is disabled for policy violation then you can appeal here, if your account is disabled for invalid activity then appeal here

If you fail to get your answer here then post your question in comments or you can also discuss your issue in Adsense forums for a quick response.


Fix Action required: Your Google Account is temporarily disabled

Did you receive this email from Google,


Google has disabled your account,, because of a violation of our Terms of Service.

Using a web browser, sign in to your account or to any Google service as soon as possible, to reactivate your account.

If you are unable to log into your account via the web browser and would like to try to recover your account, please contact us.
If you don’t take any action soon, your account and all of its contents will be scheduled for deletion.

The Google Accounts team

Why you get this Error

The reason you are getting this error is because you have violated any Google product terms or policies and as a result, you are seeing this error.

If you are using your Email to Spam Others
If you are sharing spam, hateful, violence or racist content on any Google product.
Invalid activities on Google products like Youtube,Adwords, Adsense, Webmaster tool, Google Search, Google Plus, Allo etc.
Uploading Copyright content in Youtube
Filing Fake DMCA Reports.

These are are some main reason which result in Termination or disable of your Youtube Account.

How to Enable your Google Account

If you get this message then you need to signin again in your google account and if fail to login then wait for 24 -48 hr and try again or else go to this appeal page and send all required information to google.

Google will review all your information and enable your account again with in next 24-48 hr.


Remove Call to Action Learn More Button Facebook Video

Facebook Advertising helps you generate a lot of traffic but there is some problem that creates a problem when your ads are disapproved and Facebook restrict users from sharing your content because your ads are disapproved and you have added call to action button.

Call to action button is allowed in video ads only and you can add your website link along with videos, But when your ads are disapproved then your users can share your video because your ads are disapproved and to make it work you need to delete that promotion and wait for at least 2-3 hours.

Now if you want to remove a call to action button that is book now or learn more from your video ads then you need to delete that complete promotion and create a fresh boost post ads.

Can we Edit Call to Action Button Link In Facebook Ads

If you want to edit link on call to action button then Facebook is not providing any such feature and you can only do this by deleting that promotion. What you are able to do is stop the current ad, create a similar ad and place the correct link in the Call to Action.

According to Facebook Staff

With any Call to Action button, it must be added during ad creation in your Ads Manager and they cannot be edited into or removed with an existing ad. Call-to-Action buttons are not available for the right column or Facebook Audience Network platforms.

You would need to create a new ad and add a Call to Action button, through your Ads Manager with one of the Objectives: Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Lead Generation, Conversations, Product Catalog Sales, Video Views, and Store Visits.


How to Request Facebook to Publish Unpublished FaceBook Page

Facebook Deleted your Profile or Page in error then you can appeal to them to get back your page, there is a process to do this and if you will follow that and if Facebook will find that it is done in error then your page or profile will be activated again, Don’t worry you can get back your deleted and disabled

To get back your deleted and disabled FB pages by requesting facebook using below form.

    1. Fill out this form if your page had a bug – accidental deletion, hack attack, etc.
    2. You can also fill this form to appeal directly if you are getting”Sorry, you may not submit appeals for restrictions placed on your Page more than 6 months ago”

Facebook is not like google, If you violated Facebook policy then FB will not be gone enable your page because their business is not related to your page.So think before you respond, Facebook is evil and they follow their rules very strictly.

There are a lot of report against Facebook and there are many big Facebook pages with more than 5M likes that are deleted by Facebook for violating Facebook policy.
How to Request Facebook to Publish Unpublished FaceBook Page

So if you are one among them and you think you have violated facebook policy then there is very less chance that they will republish your page again.


How to Post Embed Youtube Video on Facebook without Link

Uploading video on Facebook is a time taking process, There are a lot of facebook pages who first download video from youtube and then upload it to Facebook, 80% of the Facebook video comes from youtube, and facebook not helping youtube the way they promote their platform video.

Facebook is giving nothing to the user who is uploading a video on facebook but youtube does, so the question is how you can promote youtube video on facebook?
Reason YouTubers are not getting enough view from Facebook is youtube small thumb displayed by Facebook. they don’t show big thumb in youtube videos and this is Why youtube videos are ignored by many Facebook fans.

Embed youtube video in facebook post

The solution of this problem is, you can use this service to create a big thumb for your Youtube videos, this will not only help you get more views but also help you get more subscribers.

Createyoutube Create big thumb and give you another URL which you need to share your page or timeline or group, this URL will allow you to play youtube video directly on your Page. It will not redirect you to another website.

Why use Youtube Videos and Not Facebook Videos

Facebook keeps on attracting page owners to upload videos because Facebook is creating video platform and for this they need videos and without the help of users they can’t do make this successful they are reducing youtube videos reach, by showing small thumb for youtube videos instead of showing big thumb.

May be this is the part of their business strategy but this is not helping those users who are earning from youtube so here come the importance of createyoutube which will help you creating big youtube thumb.

Facebook keeps on changing their policy in every 2-3 year but youtube is constant they focus on User, Facebook focuses on users but more on how to earn more money, this is the biggest difference between google and facebook.

Facebook has blocked thousand of pages without giving them any warning message and only give one chance to appeal, Google allows the webmaster to appeal again and again.

How to Add thumbanil to Youtube Videos

If you are sharing your youtube video then you can assign any thumb to youtube at the time of upload or after upload.


How to Increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

If you have any Android apps and you want to gain a good position in Google play store for your app keyword then you need to follow some points.But before we start you must read Google play store policy and make sure you are not violating any Google terms.

increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

App Ranking in play store is based on many Factors

Title (Your title should contain the keyword you are targeting)
Description (Your description must have the keyword you are targeting at least 5 times)
Logo (An attractive logo is a must)
Screenshots (Get professional screenshots)
Backlinks (Share link to your app on other web sites) (Learn how to get Backlinks)
Marketing (Do social media promotion)
Keywords ( Carry out intensive keyword research)
Good Reviews to Bad Reviews ratio. (Really important to get higher ranking in play store)

App Store Optimization Title and Description

To get good ranking in Google search results and app store your app description optimization is a must.App Ranking is based on App description and App title, You must include your keyword in-app keyword in title and description.Optimize the keywords By focusing on your app keyword, share your app link in all forum and pages who are using the similar keyword like your app is using.
Increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

More App Downloads Better Ranking

The number of downloads of your app reflects the popularity of your app. The more downloads your app has, the more chances it has of being in the top search results.

App Reviews and Ratings

Quality is sure a factor Google gives importance to and it reflects in the search optimization. Apps having more positive reviews and better ratings are given a much higher preference to the apps having lower ratings by users.

Less popular apps with lesser downloads but better ratings are ranked higher than popular apps with a lower rating.

Social Media Presense and Social Links

Apps on the play store are also linked with Google +1 boost are called as a recommendation. More the +1’s or recommendation, better it is for the app. Share your app on twitter, facebook etc social media platform to get high ranking.

Long Installs ( Install vs Uninstalls )

For how long your app is kept installed by the user in their mobile is surely a factor which Google consider. Google seems to track the time of app installation and give positive points for longer installed apps.

App Graphics and Design

Graphics also Play a vital role in App ranking because graphics attract a user to get more download more download = more popularity and which results in good ranking.

Multiple Language Support

Localization is a great way to increase your potential audience and the number of downloads so you should translate keywords, description, screenshots, and video for each market you targeted.

Monitor and Update App Regularly

App Monitoring: It helps to track your app performance time to time so you can also get the right information about your app. Check regular your app’s performance to fix the problems step & step.

All above Points also helps you in Rank in Google Search and Google Play store.You can also read some useful article about playstore app ranking