Adding Adsense Ads in WordPress Post Automatically Plugin

Adding AdSense ads in WordPress is very easy using WordPress plugins, WordPress plugin is something which is very easy to install and easy to use, Little knowledge of WordPress can help you perform this job.

To add and insert Adsense in WordPress you need to use two WordPress plugin and those plugins are

Ad inserter – Its a ad manager plugin that provide many advanced options to insert any Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP or advert code anywhere on the page.

AdSense In-Post Ads – This plugin allows you to save your most used AdSense ad codes, and insert them as a shortcode in your pages or posts.

Both this plugin help in inserting ads anywhere in WordPress post, you can handle all from one location even when you change your WordPress theme then also it will not create any problem related to ad insert.

If you don’t know how to insert or edit WordPress theme files then this plugin is best to insert Adsense ads anywhere in WordPress post. You can insert any ad code using this plugin.


Remove Call to Action Learn More Button Facebook Video

Facebook Advertising helps you generate a lot of traffic but there is some problem that creates a problem when your ads are disapproved and Facebook restrict users from sharing your content because your ads are disapproved and you have added call to action button.

Call to action button is allowed in video ads only and you can add your website link along with videos, But when your ads are disapproved then your users can share your video because your ads are disapproved and to make it work you need to delete that promotion and wait for at least 2-3 hours.

Now if you want to remove a call to action button that is book now or learn more from your video ads then you need to delete that complete promotion and create a fresh boost post ads.

Can we Edit Call to Action Button Link In Facebook Ads

If you want to edit link on call to action button then Facebook is not providing any such feature and you can only do this by deleting that promotion. What you are able to do is stop the current ad, create a similar ad and place the correct link in the Call to Action.

According to Facebook Staff

With any Call to Action button, it must be added during ad creation in your Ads Manager and they cannot be edited into or removed with an existing ad. Call-to-Action buttons are not available for the right column or Facebook Audience Network platforms.

You would need to create a new ad and add a Call to Action button, through your Ads Manager with one of the Objectives: Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Lead Generation, Conversations, Product Catalog Sales, Video Views, and Store Visits.


How to Request Facebook to Publish Unpublished FaceBook Page

Facebook Deleted your Profile or Page in error then you can appeal to them to get back your page, there is a process to do this and if you will follow that and if Facebook will find that it is done in error then your page or profile will be activated again, Don’t worry you can get back your deleted and disabled

To get back your deleted and disabled FB pages by requesting facebook using below form.

    1. Fill out this form if your page had a bug – accidental deletion, hack attack, etc.
    2. You can also fill this form to appeal directly if you are getting”Sorry, you may not submit appeals for restrictions placed on your Page more than 6 months ago”

Facebook is not like google, If you violated Facebook policy then FB will not be gone enable your page because their business is not related to your page.So think before you respond, Facebook is evil and they follow their rules very strictly.

There are a lot of report against Facebook and there are many big Facebook pages with more than 5M likes that are deleted by Facebook for violating Facebook policy.
How to Request Facebook to Publish Unpublished FaceBook Page

So if you are one among them and you think you have violated facebook policy then there is very less chance that they will republish your page again.


How to Post Embed Youtube Video on Facebook without Link

Uploading video on Facebook is a time taking process, There are a lot of facebook pages who first download video from youtube and then upload it to Facebook, 80% of the Facebook video comes from youtube, and facebook not helping youtube the way they promote their platform video.

Facebook is giving nothing to the user who is uploading a video on facebook but youtube does, so the question is how you can promote youtube video on facebook?
Reason YouTubers are not getting enough view from Facebook is youtube small thumb displayed by Facebook. they don’t show big thumb in youtube videos and this is Why youtube videos are ignored by many Facebook fans.

Embed youtube video in facebook post

The solution of this problem is, you can use this service to create a big thumb for your Youtube videos, this will not only help you get more views but also help you get more subscribers.

Createyoutube Create big thumb and give you another URL which you need to share your page or timeline or group, this URL will allow you to play youtube video directly on your Page. It will not redirect you to another website.

Why use Youtube Videos and Not Facebook Videos

Facebook keeps on attracting page owners to upload videos because Facebook is creating video platform and for this they need videos and without the help of users they can’t do make this successful they are reducing youtube videos reach, by showing small thumb for youtube videos instead of showing big thumb.

May be this is the part of their business strategy but this is not helping those users who are earning from youtube so here come the importance of createyoutube which will help you creating big youtube thumb.

Facebook keeps on changing their policy in every 2-3 year but youtube is constant they focus on User, Facebook focuses on users but more on how to earn more money, this is the biggest difference between google and facebook.

Facebook has blocked thousand of pages without giving them any warning message and only give one chance to appeal, Google allows the webmaster to appeal again and again.

How to Add thumbanil to Youtube Videos

If you are sharing your youtube video then you can assign any thumb to youtube at the time of upload or after upload.


How to Increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

If you have any Android apps and you want to gain a good position in Google play store for your app keyword then you need to follow some points.But before we start you must read Google play store policy and make sure you are not violating any Google terms.

increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

App Ranking in play store is based on many Factors

Title (Your title should contain the keyword you are targeting)
Description (Your description must have the keyword you are targeting at least 5 times)
Logo (An attractive logo is a must)
Screenshots (Get professional screenshots)
Backlinks (Share link to your app on other web sites) (Learn how to get Backlinks)
Marketing (Do social media promotion)
Keywords ( Carry out intensive keyword research)
Good Reviews to Bad Reviews ratio. (Really important to get higher ranking in play store)

App Store Optimization Title and Description

To get good ranking in Google search results and app store your app description optimization is a must.App Ranking is based on App description and App title, You must include your keyword in-app keyword in title and description.Optimize the keywords By focusing on your app keyword, share your app link in all forum and pages who are using the similar keyword like your app is using.
Increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

More App Downloads Better Ranking

The number of downloads of your app reflects the popularity of your app. The more downloads your app has, the more chances it has of being in the top search results.

App Reviews and Ratings

Quality is sure a factor Google gives importance to and it reflects in the search optimization. Apps having more positive reviews and better ratings are given a much higher preference to the apps having lower ratings by users.

Less popular apps with lesser downloads but better ratings are ranked higher than popular apps with a lower rating.

Social Media Presense and Social Links

Apps on the play store are also linked with Google +1 boost are called as a recommendation. More the +1’s or recommendation, better it is for the app. Share your app on twitter, facebook etc social media platform to get high ranking.

Long Installs ( Install vs Uninstalls )

For how long your app is kept installed by the user in their mobile is surely a factor which Google consider. Google seems to track the time of app installation and give positive points for longer installed apps.

App Graphics and Design

Graphics also Play a vital role in App ranking because graphics attract a user to get more download more download = more popularity and which results in good ranking.

Multiple Language Support

Localization is a great way to increase your potential audience and the number of downloads so you should translate keywords, description, screenshots, and video for each market you targeted.

Monitor and Update App Regularly

App Monitoring: It helps to track your app performance time to time so you can also get the right information about your app. Check regular your app’s performance to fix the problems step & step.

All above Points also helps you in Rank in Google Search and Google Play store.You can also read some useful article about playstore app ranking


How to make Website Friendly for Google Crawler

If you want crawler to visit your site again and again then you need to follow some guideline by google ,To index any page in google Crawling is must so you need to prepare your website in such a way that google crawler feel friendly to Crawl your website , There are some tips for google webmaster also that can help you in making your website friendly for crawler.

Useful Content that Engage User to your Website

The First and most important point is Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage , Try to engage your users in your website as much as possible especially those who come from google search result. If you have seen long article are listed high in google search and reason behind this is they manage to engage there user to there website by writting long and useful articles.

You can also use Video content to engage your user to your website, Video is the most valuable way to engage your users.

Speed of your Website

Speed matter , If your site takes long time to response then it will give bad experience to google serach user and google will punish you by listing your article in lower pages. so try to make your website as fast as posisble , you can check your website site using google developer tools .

Link Building from Realted Source

Link building is another way to attarct crawler to your website , if you get good and valuable link from related resource then crawler will keep on visiting you and indexing you , But if you take link from spammy sites then along with them you website will also suffer. so avoid taking and giving links to spammy websites.If you want to know more about link building then read 10 Ways To increase Backlinks Using off page SEO Techniques

Create Sitemap To Submit Url

Use sitemap to submit url to google , this will also help google to find your url easily , if you are wordpress user then you can use Yoast plugin to create sitemap , if you are non-wordpress user then you need to use online tool to create sitemap .

how to create sitemap in wordpress

Use Ping Service To Send Updates To Search Engine

Use Ping service if you want your new post to index fast in google , many webmaster have complaint that there article or pages are not index by google , if you use this ping service then google or other search engines get regular updates about your post .

If you are using wordpress then you can add below ping service in your WordPress writing section , if you are non-wordpress user then you need to manually send ping to this websites.


These are the basic information that will help any website to index fast in any search engine. We will also recommend you to verify your website in google webmaster tools to check your performance regularly.


How to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

Making money online is a very hot and exciting topic among internet users, and all of us are interested in knowing new ways to generate money Online.We are here listing all ways to make money Online so that you can also generate some money online.


How to Remove Links from Youtube Videos

It’s really annoying seeing lot of links/notification Pop-Ups inside youtube videos which sometimes is very irritating we call this youtube annotation, this annotation ask viewers to subscribe there channel some take you to different youtube video, Even closing this annotation are very time taking but did you know you can disable this from all yours youtube videos if no then read below

Remove Links from Youtube Videos

YouTube’s annotations are a powerful tool for engaging viewers but this are now being used to get link attraction from user, Use this Tip to close youtube links from any video individually, You can remove Pop-Ups and links from youtube videos using very simple steps mention below

remove link from youtube videos

Disable Pop-Ups using Youtube Account Setting

If you want to close links from all youtube videos then you need to disable all interactive elements by heading to settings, clicking on Playback from the Account Settings panel on the left, and then unchecking the box for ” Show annotations and in-video notifications.”


Hope this helps you in removing and disabling Pop-Ups and links from youtube videos, If you have any other way to avoid youtube annotations from youtube videos then share with us.

Also, read How to view youtube earning and how to ranck high in youtube


Find Youtube Earning per View By Uploading Videos from Ads

A lot of people are interested in knowing how they can earn money from youtube videos and how much they can earn, there is no limit how much you can earn, if you are serious about your work then don’t focus on how much you will earn focus on what you can deliver.

Youtube can help you in gaining popularity and you can earn more using that popularity.If you are good singer or comedian then it will help you in marketing yourself, there are a lot of people that move from youtube to movies and tv shows.

check youtube earning

Also, read how to view youtube earning

But we will give you a short some realistic view about youtube earning with some proof, that will inspire you to keep working on this video creation field.

Check Youtube Earning Per View

Google charge their advertiser for cost per click and cost per view, if anyone click on ads then they will pay for that click and if anyone will view ads fro 30 sec then they will pay for that 30 sec view but this earning differ from country to country depending on language and region from where that video is uploaded. If you are targeting the US then you will earn more per view if you are targeting another country then you will earn less because advertiser pays more for us traffic but less for other countries.

During Festive seasons

Youtube earning fluctuates a lot and its also depend on what festive season is near, during Christmas that is during December all publisher will earn more per view when compared with other months, because at that time there is a lot of competition and advertise pay more to display their ads.

Clicks and Time Factor

Per view also depend on time, Advertisers choose ads on a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per View (CPV) model or Pre-roll In-Search & in-Display Ads. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks an ad or watches for 30 seconds.

Subject of your Youtube videos

Another import factor that will effect your per view earning is subject of your videos Advertisers target videos that is related with there target keyword if its non-targeted keyword then you will earn less.

Language and Region Of Youtube Videos

As we said you will get more per vide from US advertiser when compared with other advertisers because US advertising market generally pays better, non-English youtube video generally earns less money.

On an average, a YouTuber may earn up to $0.8 per 1000 views with banner ads and $3-$5 per 1000 views with the roll out ads. But, these values may vary significantly.YouTube keeps 45% and gives you 55% of the total earnings. So, your estimated earnings are different from gross earnings. Also, your final earning might differ from estimated earnings.

According to popular resources, here’s how the CPM varies based on the type of ads: CPM for In-stream/ Video ads: $2-$5/1000 views, CPC for Display ads/Banner ads: 0.80/1000 clicks.You can check below video to find a detail on earning per view from youtube videos.

Ways to Earn from Youtube Videos

If you are popular YouTuber then you can earn money using below ways

Working Directly With Brands

You can work directly with Brands and ad agencies who are always looking for ways to promote their products and services

Merchandising:Selling Products with your Name

Sell your product such as stickers, clothing or other branded products using your youtube channel and you can earn using that also, if you don’t know how to do this then you can sell other brands also who offer commissions per sales.

Earn by organising Events

Build an even stronger community by going to see them! Schedule live appearances in places where your audiences are most vibrant and engaged. In addition to meeting your fans in person, you’ll likely gain opportunities to sell merchandise or tickets to your event.

Google Internet

Get Backlinks Using off page SEO Techniques

There are many ways to get backlinks using off-page SEO but Always try to share your user-centric content at the right place and at right time. You can easily get backlinks from those places and if you share unique and valuable content that help people then those people will help you to get backlinks by sharing your content in different places like in social media and forums

Backlinks can be increased by any sources but need to increase quality backlinks but not quantity backlinks, this will lead to quality traffic to your website.

get backlinks

Quora to Get Backlinks from Related Keywords

Quora is one of the best platforms to share your content, share your answers and ideas to people who want to hear from you, this is a great platform for your queries.Choose your best keywords which are most important for your website and have good search volume and high traffic.

Use Directories to Create BackLinks

Make use of directories which is a source of increasing backlinks but make sure you submit in those sites which are relevant to your industry and has a good domain authority.(choosing category is very important)

Use Social Website to Get Traffic

Share your content on Facebook Twitter and other social network sites to get traffic, this will improve your DA and PA.

Use Classified Websites to Create Backlinks

Make use of classifieds which is a good source to increase quality backlinks and again choose those sites which are relevant.

List your Business To Get Backlinks

Make use of business listings which a good source to increase quality backlinks, if you submit in good sites then your domain authority improves.for example

Use Social Bookmarking To Get Quality Backlinks

Make use of social bookmarking which is a good source to increase quality backlinks they get approved easily so try to submit in good websites.

Blog Commenting in Related Keyword Sites

Make use of blog commenting, choose blogs which are relevant to your industry so that you can give a comment with a better understanding of your subject, don’t do comment spam, submit in do follow sites only because they give a link back.

Article Submission Avoid Duplicate Content

Share article only on that website which focuses on your topic because this will only help you getting quality backlinks, Don’t submit duplicate content.Do check Domain Authority of website before submitting your article.

Guest Blogging in Related Website

Make use of guest blogging which is a great way to increase backlinks and improves your website traffic., you need to have unique content for this.

Update Your Blog Every week

Update your blog every week with fresh content which brings you more traffic and increases your indexing fastly and Never involve in buying links or automated link building

This will do your job if you do it properly without any errors which lead to penalties. There are many other ways to increase backlinks but this is more than enough.
Also, you need to have your on-page metrics implemented on your website which gives off-page more boost in improving traffic.

Make sure to focus on quantity of backlinks concentrate more on the quality of backlinks. the impact of 1 high authority backlink is higher than 1000 normal backlinks. Still, there are many SEO techniques to increase backlinks of your website.

SEO TIP:- If your content is not unique, then you will not stay on top in search results for a long time because google now focuses more on content and less on backlinks. Focus on page speed, on page optimization, content and also learn how to increase indexing speed in google


Solution for Service Temporarily Unavailable Error and 503 Error Magento

503 Error After Upgrading Magento

Are you getting the error after upgrading Magento Like 503 Error then it must be File permission error and you can resolve this by changing file permission to 644 from 666.

If you have upgraded your magneto using connect manager then you will face this type of Issue and it’s not a big issue you can resolve it by changing file permission.

Service Temporarily Unavailable

Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later

If you see above error then Remove maintenance.flag from your Directory and refresh your site and it will resolve your Problem.

Browser Hosting

How to Tell Browser Not To Cache your Website or Blogs

Many Webmaster don’t want Browser to cache their website for many reasons and if you also don’t want then simply use this code in your header.php file.But before you try this you must be aware that cache improve your website speed and also help you to give higher rank in google search results

How to Tell Browser Not To Cache your Website or Blogs

If you are WordPress user then you need to avoid using any cache plugin or avoid page cache Setting, because if you do this then your browser will not reflect changes immediately.

If you want to do this in PHP you can use the header function to send the appropriate HTTP headers to the browser:

header(‘Cache-Control: no-cache’);
header(‘Pragma: no-cache’);

Why to and Why not to Use cache

If your website Keep on updating content regularly and you want to show updated content in real-time then you need to use no cache for those content, you can also set time period for Cache like 24 Hour, 1 Hour etc, however you can use cache for fixed file like CSS ,JS, logo etc. This will improve user Experience when they surf your blog or website.

Improve Website Speed using 3rd Party Plugin and Website

Some 3rd party website like CloudFlare, Maxcdn, provide you option to use cache for your permanent file, If you are WordPress user then you can try using w3 total cache plugin or wp super cache plugin to improve your website speed