How to Increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

If you have any Android apps and you want to gain a good position in Google play store for your app keyword then you need to follow some points.But before we start you must read Google play store policy and make sure you are not violating any Google terms.

increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

App Ranking in play store is based on many Factors

Title (Your title should contain the keyword you are targeting)
Description (Your description must have the keyword you are targeting at least 5 times)
Logo (An attractive logo is a must)
Screenshots (Get professional screenshots)
Backlinks (Share link to your app on other web sites) (Learn how to get Backlinks)
Marketing (Do social media promotion)
Keywords ( Carry out intensive keyword research)
Good Reviews to Bad Reviews ratio. (Really important to get higher ranking in play store)

App Store Optimization Title and Description

To get good ranking in Google search results and app store your app description optimization is a must.App Ranking is based on App description and App title, You must include your keyword in-app keyword in title and description.Optimize the keywords By focusing on your app keyword, share your app link in all forum and pages who are using the similar keyword like your app is using.
Increase Android App Ranking in Google Search

More App Downloads Better Ranking

The number of downloads of your app reflects the popularity of your app. The more downloads your app has, the more chances it has of being in the top search results.

App Reviews and Ratings

Quality is sure a factor Google gives importance to and it reflects in the search optimization. Apps having more positive reviews and better ratings are given a much higher preference to the apps having lower ratings by users.

Less popular apps with lesser downloads but better ratings are ranked higher than popular apps with a lower rating.

Social Media Presense and Social Links

Apps on the play store are also linked with Google +1 boost are called as a recommendation. More the +1’s or recommendation, better it is for the app. Share your app on twitter, facebook etc social media platform to get high ranking.

Long Installs ( Install vs Uninstalls )

For how long your app is kept installed by the user in their mobile is surely a factor which Google consider. Google seems to track the time of app installation and give positive points for longer installed apps.

App Graphics and Design

Graphics also Play a vital role in App ranking because graphics attract a user to get more download more download = more popularity and which results in good ranking.

Multiple Language Support

Localization is a great way to increase your potential audience and the number of downloads so you should translate keywords, description, screenshots, and video for each market you targeted.

Monitor and Update App Regularly

App Monitoring: It helps to track your app performance time to time so you can also get the right information about your app. Check regular your app’s performance to fix the problems step & step.

All above Points also helps you in Rank in Google Search and Google Play store.You can also read some useful article about playstore app ranking