5 Reason Why you and Your Website Get Blocked in Facebook

The content that you are trying to share includes a link that’s been blocked for being spammy or unsafe

Facebook is very popular social networking and website and it’s a popular source of traffic on the internet, many websites like BuzzFeed get millions of traffic from Facebook and it’s also considered as an important ranking signal in Google.

Now if you follow any illegal means to get traffic and spam Facebook then your website will be blocked in google and you will not able to share that blocked links again.

Why Facebook Block Website or Link

You are spreading Spam in all Groups and pages on Facebook– If you will post spam links in groups using same profile again and again and user will report that link then that link will be considered as spam, Facebook will first block that URL and if user keep on reporting this then they will block domain as well.

You are spreading spyware and harmful script using your website Avoid sharing any such URL on Facebook that will harm user system or mobile, Facebook can easily detect those devices, Facebook uses their own browser to detect those websites.If you are page or group owner and sharing such links then avoid doing this because this will also harm your page users.

You are posting porn and gambling content on your website or pages or Groups– Facebook and google and all other social network websites block promotion of porn and gambling content, so if your website is doing this and you are using Facebook for promotion then facebook will block your domain and they will never unblock you

You are posting Fake news on Facebook If Facebook will find that you are sharing fake news then they will either block or domain or they will reduce the visibility of domain content in facebook.If your domain is blocked for posting fake news in facebook then make sure that they will not re-enable that again because facebook is very serious about fake news.

You are using boots too for auto likes on Facebook – Avoid using any such method to collect likes because Facebook doesn’t support all these practices, if you want to get likes then focus on content.If your content is good then there are a lot of pages on facebook who will push your content for free.

These are some main reason why your website or pages gets blocked on Facebook

How to Unblock URL from Facebook

If You think your website is blocked in error then you can appeal this block to Facebook and they will remove this block within 24-48 hours, To appeal this you can go to this Appeal page and fill all necessary information about your link.You can also read how to unblock URL on Facebook

If that is not working then you can contact facebook using advertisement channel and raise a request to unblock your domain that is blocked by Facebook.

If you fail to contact them then you can also request us with all required information and we will do this job for you.Please make sure your website is not involved in any porn or adult related content violation in facebook.