YouTube Profile and Video Hacks Using Greasemonkey Scripts

YouTube is the most popular site to share your favorite videos Youtube Videos can be  Featured using third party scripts that Hide Youtube comments Auto play Youtube Videos In Full Screen helps to view Youtube From Flickr pages and many more You can also say that you can now “Hack YouTube “with all this Scripts just go through Below List but Note* All below Userscripts will only work in Firefox With Greasemonkey Extension Installed in Firefox.

Coralized-YouTube -This user script uses Coral Content Distribution Network to accelerate video performance on YouTube. That means video you are watching is cached on Coral Cache servers so it loads a lot faster, especially useful for popular videos.

Videoembed – Automatically adds embedded videos after links to pages like: Glumbert, Metacafe, Google, Yahoo, Photobucket, YouTube, Myspace (and many others) So you can view the video without opening a new page.
Hide YouTube CommentsNoYounoobs Hides the comments in YouTube. Pretty simple, I find the comments to be useless and populated by simple minded nut jobs and I’d rather not have to look at it :D.

YouTube stop video download – Youtube allow you to pause the video, but it keeps downloading. This script adds a stop/play button next to video’s title.

YouTube Thumbnail Animator -Animate YouTube video thumbnail OnMouseOver , This script makes them a tiny bit more useful by Animating it with a couple of frames from the actual video.

YouTubr – This YouTube/Flickr mashup enables you to view YouTube videos directly on the Flickr page. Whenever an image description contains a link to a YouTube video, a YouTube button will appear; click it, and the video will replace the image on Flickr.

Play youtube videos in fullscreen Auto – When you click on the video, the video will be loaded full screen so you won’t waste time looking at stupid comments Note: you can open multiple videos at the same time

MplayerTube – This Script is useful for all  Linux users who don’t want to install Flash at all, here’s a script that forces YouTube videos to play through mplayerplug-in.

YouTube Googler
-Makes YouTube videos look more like Google Videos. Basically, it puts the comments in a new tab on the side bar, and expands the video frame to take up as much space as possible, just like Google Video.

Youtube Theater – Mods Youtube videos, includes only the video/searchbar and enlarges the video.

YouTube Video Download – Creates a download video link to save any youtube video.When viewing a video on YouTube this script creates a download link to the right of the video