WordPress Default Comment Plugin To Avoid Spam

If you have Opt WordPress as your blogging platform then you may be fed up with WordPress default commenting system because WordPress default commenting system get lot of spam comments and if you are new to wp then it will be very hard to tackle, However, WordPress provide some plugins to handle and block spam comments but those tools are not enough to stop it completely because spammer user WordPress default comment system mainly to build backlinks.

WordPress Third Party Comment Plugin

There are a lot of 3rd party Plugin as well that replace WordPress default comment like Disqus, CommentLuv, Livefyre, Facebook or IntenseDebate, So you can pick any of these 3rd party plugins to get spam free comment system. All you need is to search this plugin in WordPress plugin store and download them.

If you have a lot of social traffic from facebook then you can use facebook comment plugin that is provided by facebook but most widely used 3rd party comment plugin in WordPress is Disqus they provide an option to log in via facebook and google plus it is SEO friendly and comment content is easily indexed by google.

When compared with facebook, Disqus is more optimized and load very fast in some browser.all other 3rd party comment system is not that much popular.Disqus encourage people to comment and to be more polite, and its admin features are very rich.

Wordpress Default Comment Plugin

Many bloggers use CommentLuv plugin to get more comments in their blogs, CommentLuv is widely known as reward comment plugin because it gives backlink to a commenter from their website for posting comments on their blogs.But now blogger started avoiding this because people now started commenting to get backlinks and many comments are of no use.

WordPress Alternatives Comment Plugins

  • Disqus ( Widely Used )
  • Facebook (For Social media Traffic)
  • CommentLuv ( Used to Encourage Comments)
  • Google Plus Comment Box
  • Livefyre ( Real Time Conversation)
  • IntenseDebate

If you ask our suggestion then we will recommend you to use Disqus comment plugin or if your blog is new then avoid using any comment plugin.

How to Disable Comment in WordPress

If you don’t want to use comment in your WordPress blogs then you can disable comment from WordPress Setting visit the Settings → Discussion page and look for the “Other comment settings” section. Check the box next to the option specified below, fill in the number of days, and click “Save Settings.”

If your blog or website don’t require any comment system then our suggestion is to disable that because comment system is mainly used to spam websites and blogs in place of comment system you can use a forum for better result and good user experience.

There are a lot of plugins available that you can use to create forum for your website.