Fix Wrong Picture Thumbnail Of WordPress Post Link in Facebook [ Solved ]

Facebook sometime pick the wrong photo while sharing a post on facebook and if you don’t know how to rectify it in your blog post then we will tell you how you can do it. But befoe we proceed we will tell you that by default facebook takes first image as og:image or feature image as og:image. Generally, the featured image is taken as og:image you can verify same using source code of your blog and find og:image meta tag that looks like below.


If that meta tag is correct and your blog is fetching wrong photo or picture then you can solve this issue by debugging your facebook URL by clicking here
Just enter your blog URL and click fetch new scrape information and what ever change you will do it will reflect in your blogs.

Solution If Facebook Stop Detecting Featured Image

When you share a link on your Facebook profile or on your Facebook page then Facebook crawls the page and looks for Open Graph meta tags in the head to build a complete post preview (with an image, title, description ).If you are using multiple open graph plugin then Look at your site, for another plugin that handle Open Graph review your list of active plugins, find out which one of them is used to manage Open Graph meta tags, and contact the plugin author for more help or disable that so that your post started displaying correct photo.