Remove and Fix Https Red Error in WordPress Website URL


If you have moved your WordPress site from HTTP to https and after that you getting red Https error just like above image and you are worried about it, and the reason why the green bar is not displayed is because your site still has unsecured (HTTP) elements affixed to the site. Check your FAVICON URL, Check your logo URL ETC

Other possible reasons for this issue are


Check your System/Computer Timing

Check your Computer Timezone Setting,certificate-validation system relies on your computer’s time, If your system time is incorrect it will display error, date, https .in all https website.

Check your Website Https Expire

Check https Certificate Update, if your https is expired, then you will see the error related to https.So don’t forget to update certificate at regular interval.You also need to wait for 24 hr if you have installed certificate recently to make this work properly for you.

Extended verification certificates

If you go to an https site, there’s a padlock somewhere, depending on the browser you’re using. You can test this out yourself by visiting an https site.It will reflect your WordPress website in red color https like below image.


Make sure to get Green https all your image and URL use HTTPS