Remove Spam/Junk Links using Disavow Tools and File Format

Disavow is an important tool provided by Google that helps website to remove spam links from the website , and we are covering below Topics in this article.

  • How to tell google to update Disavow File
  • Disavow file sample and file format
  • Google Disavow tool Links
  • How to Add Links and Domain to Disavow file Generator.

How to Find/Spot Spam/Junk Links

You need to login webmaster tools To find spam links that is pointing to your website , To do this Open WMT and Select your domain Under Search Traffic go to Link to your Site.Under this you need to download all links that is pointing to your website.


How to Find Spam Links in Website using Google Webmaster Tools

Now after downloading all those links Find what links are natural and what links are unnatural, Natural links are those links that are build by another webmaster in their article or post as a reference , and Unnatural links are those links that are placed in a non-topic website like health website is linked in a tech site.

How to Add Links and Domain to Disavow File Generator

Now after finding spam links add all those links in notepad in below format, If you are getting a lot of links from one website then block whole domain like as shown in below image, to block single link just add that link in a file. Or you can visit to make spam links file from there.

google disavow tool format txt notepad file.png

Google Disavow tool Links

Open Disavow Link from your webmaster tools account or click here to open disavow links and upload that file .

Now wait for at least 1-2 weeks or check your links to your site file in WMT to know whether Google has removed those links or not, if those links are not showing in the file then appeal for Reconsideration request.

Google take 1-2 weeks or even month to update links in your WMT.

It will be best if you try to remove links manually or if it is not possible to remove then add those links in disavowing format.