How to Post Embed Youtube Video on Facebook without Link

Uploading video on Facebook is a time taking process, There are a lot of facebook pages who first download video from youtube and then upload it to Facebook, 80% of the Facebook video comes from youtube, and facebook not helping youtube the way they promote their platform video.

Facebook is giving nothing to the user who is uploading a video on facebook but youtube does, so the question is how you can promote youtube video on facebook?
Reason YouTubers are not getting enough view from Facebook is youtube small thumb displayed by Facebook. they don’t show big thumb in youtube videos and this is Why youtube videos are ignored by many Facebook fans.

Embed youtube video in facebook post

The solution of this problem is, you can use this service to create a big thumb for your Youtube videos, this will not only help you get more views but also help you get more subscribers.

Createyoutube Create big thumb and give you another URL which you need to share your page or timeline or group, this URL will allow you to play youtube video directly on your Page. It will not redirect you to another website.

Why use Youtube Videos and Not Facebook Videos

Facebook keeps on attracting page owners to upload videos because Facebook is creating video platform and for this they need videos and without the help of users they can’t do make this successful they are reducing youtube videos reach, by showing small thumb for youtube videos instead of showing big thumb.

May be this is the part of their business strategy but this is not helping those users who are earning from youtube so here come the importance of createyoutube which will help you creating big youtube thumb.

Facebook keeps on changing their policy in every 2-3 year but youtube is constant they focus on User, Facebook focuses on users but more on how to earn more money, this is the biggest difference between google and facebook.

Facebook has blocked thousand of pages without giving them any warning message and only give one chance to appeal, Google allows the webmaster to appeal again and again.

How to Add thumbanil to Youtube Videos

If you are sharing your youtube video then you can assign any thumb to youtube at the time of upload or after upload.