How to Remove Links from Youtube Videos

It’s really annoying seeing lot of links/notification Pop-Ups inside youtube videos which sometimes is very irritating we call this youtube annotation, this annotation ask viewers to subscribe there channel some take you to different youtube video, Even closing this annotation are very time taking but did you know you can disable this from all yours youtube videos if no then read below

Remove Links from Youtube Videos

YouTube’s annotations are a powerful tool for engaging viewers but this are now being used to get link attraction from user, Use this Tip to close youtube links from any video individually, You can remove Pop-Ups and links from youtube videos using very simple steps mention below

remove link from youtube videos

Disable Pop-Ups using Youtube Account Setting

If you want to close links from all youtube videos then you need to disable all interactive elements by heading to settings, clicking on Playback from the Account Settings panel on the left, and then unchecking the box for ” Show annotations and in-video notifications.”


Hope this helps you in removing and disabling Pop-Ups and links from youtube videos, If you have any other way to avoid youtube annotations from youtube videos then share with us.

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