6 Reason Why People Create Fake Facebook Profiles

Fake Facebook Profiles are one of the most annoying and even dangerous issues that (facebook users face, and one of the most challenging problems for the facebook admins, so efforts to eliminate such profiles are set to the max! Now the question is why user Create fake facebook profile , here are few reason .

  • Shallow relationships: “lovers” testing and teasing each others, teasing by fake comments of fake profiles, testing each other by fake flirts or  msgs!
  • Monitoring: monitering people (students, employees … ) lives by fake personalities!
  • Business: forcing some business to grow by making it popular through many profiles!
  • Revenge: broken people creating humiliating fake profiles for those who hurt them!
  • Psychos: males creating profiles for females and vice versa.
  • Some people are just sick: stupid pointless people like to fool around!

There may be some other reason also but all above are common reason for creating fake facebook profile.You can also view tips to identify fake facebook profile .