15 Ways or Tips to Find or Identify Fake Facebook Profile

Have you ever received any friend request from an unknow girl in facebook , if yes then beware may be that profile is fake and you may be targeted by someone using those profiles, Before you approve that friend request check all below points to ensure whether that person is real or fake.

Friend Request – Very first sign is he/she will send you friend request.So dont add any unknow person if you dont know him/her personally.

Profile Picture – Fake profile generally use photos of models ,sexy looking girls pictures ,or photos copied from other user albums.

Fake Profile generally have either only males or only females .

How many Friends – If it has many friends from all over the world (no specific region)!

Fake profile owner will never reply your message .

Spot Fake facebook profile using Google Image Search.

You will receive lot of application request from those profile ,if this happen then that profile is handled by application owner to spread the application.

Hackers also used fake profile to spread virus and harmful links , if any unknow person post harmful link in your wall then immediately delete that person, because facebook may banned your account for spreading that links even when you are not involved.

No status update – You will not see any status update from those profile because fake profile owner dont have time to maintain that profile like a real profile person.

If the “wall” is full of msgs like: “thanks for the add”!

Lot of tagged photos in photo album, in general we avoid useless photos from our profile ,but you will see all all those photos in fake profile.

Fake profile owner never use that profile to comment anywhere .

If it has one profile picture only!

If it’s public, no privacy settings for anything!

If birthday is 01/01  (no offense real ones LOL but because it’s the fastest choice)!

If it joins and attends all groups and events sent by all!

If the “Interested In” section is all checked: (Women and Men)

If the “Looking For” section is all checked (friendship, dating, a relationship, networking, and whatever I can get)!

Sometime you will receive friend suggestion from those fake profile.

So if you encounter any fake profiles, then you can report it to Facebook or you can also view reasons that why people create fake facebook profile.