How to Add Enable Disable Google Cloud Print in Google Chrome

Google Cloud helps you to print you documents or anything from any computer or smart phone, regardless of where you are.

Just activate the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome and your printer will automatically be available to you from Google Cloud Print enabled web and mobile apps.

How to Enable Printer in Google Cloud

To enable printing from different location into your system you need to have

  • A printer installed on a Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 computer that you can access.
  • The latest developer version of Google Chrome installed on the Windows computer.

Open Google Chrome browser on your computer.Click Wrench icon at top right and then click Options.Select Under the Hood and Scroll down to the bottom and look for Google Cloud Print section. Then click ‘Sign in to Google Cloud Print’.

Popup will appear, sign in to your google account to enable Google Cloud Print. You should see confirmation screen after successful login.

How to Disable Google Cloud Print in Google Chrome

To Disable  Go to ‘Under the Hood’ tab in Settings screen . Now you should see buttons to ‘disable Google Cloud Print’ and ‘Manage Print Settings’ Click those buttons to disable or manage google cloud.