How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast on First Page Google

To get high rank in youtube and google you need to do a deep research on your subject keywords , there are certain steps which youtuber need to follow to rank high youtube videos in google and youtube.You tube SEO is different than the Google Search. Though both are owned by Google but having different search algorithms. There is never a right or wrong Plan in SEO (except you are doing Blackhat SEO). To rank your Video You need to focus on few important aspects:

Name Your video according to the keywords you are focusing.

1.Create a engaging video because the user engagement is the Most Important Factor that will rank your video.
2. Keywords: Without keywords every SEO campaign is a waste. Relevent keywords enhance the user engagement.
3. Title, Description & Tags: Don’t forget these basics. Will be better if you provide subtitles to your video.


How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast

Search your topic on Google and pick a smart keyword. Take the top ranking site and put that in a Google AdWords Display research tool
Take the keyword suggestions and input them into Google AdWords Keyword ranking tool
Use third party tool to analize your videos monthly and daily keywords search using buzzsumo tubebuddy etc
Use the YouTube results to better orient or create your video for what is popular with audiences.
Share your video on facebook using

You also need to check if there’s enough search volume for that keyword.It is very important that the video engages with the users. Likes, shares, views are few basic most important parameters to judge the video’s success and ofcourse the ranking.

Retention: i.e. for how long people are watching your videos. The more the video will rank, as it signals a quality video. That’s the reason people emphasis on long-form videos.
Comments: The more people will comment on your video, the more likely it is to rank higher.
Subscribers: More subscribers help develop an authority for your channel which also helps you to rank higher.
Shares: Yes, the number of shares also do affect your video rankings. That’s the reason many YouTubers ask to share their videos. It benefits in multiple ways; helping your search rankings and increasing your overall impressions.
Likes: How many people up vote or down vote your video is also a factor used by YouTube to judge your content quality.
Views: And at last, your views do count as a factor for ranking your video, but it’s not the only factor used to rank a video that’s the reason you might have seen videos with more views rank low on YouTube.

These steps will give your YouTube video the best chance for backlinking, social shares, views, and eventually SEO ranking!