Facebook Whatsapp Messenger Chat Slang

Looking for chat slangs or  want to know the meaning of chat slangs used by your friends while chating with you in facebook chat, gtalk or in whatsapp messenger or want to impress anyone by using those abbreviations.

Whatever the reason is, main point is you want to learn those abbreviations ,So we are listing all those slangs in below table.

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List of Chat Slangs

ASAP As Soon As Possible GN Good Night M/F Are You Male or Female?
ASL Tell me your Age,Sex and Location IDK I don’t Know SD Sweet Dreams
BRB Be Right Back JK Just Kidding Tnx Thanks
LMK Let Me Know K Okay TY Thank You
ROFL Rolling on Floor Laughing LOL Laugh out Loud TTYL Talk to you later
FYI For Your Information LMAO Laugh My Ass Of WTF What The F**k
FB Facebook LMFAO Laugh my f**king ass off WTH What the hell
GM Good Morning BTW By The Way zzz Sleeping
KICKS Just for Fun PITA Pain in the a** INB4 In before

There are many chat slangs used by people while chatting with friends,but above are the most common chat slangs used by people from all over the world.

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