Recover Your Lost Data and Stolen Android Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is the most important part of our life and if that is stolen then we lost all our contacts and important data, so you need to take care of some important points if you want to keep your data and phone safe.

Many people only care about data even if their phone is stolen they only want that there data to be recovered. So follow these points if you want your data to be saved from any virus or any theft.

If you are Android User you know just like iPhone user need iCloud id to access the phone in same way android user need Gmail id to access Android phones properly or to access play store.

So Gmail id is something which is very important for your phone and you need to keep all this data only with you, don’t share this data with anyone if you want to protect your mobile phone from data theft.

Gmail give additional feature like Google drive where all your data will be stored but you need to allow google drive manually, You can do this from your mobile setting.

How to Track and Find Lost Android Mobile Phone

If you know your Gmail password associated with your phone then you can easily track your lost mobile phone, All you need to do is to log in using your email and password linked with your phone and after login search in google “where is my phone”.

Google will show the exact location of your phone if the internet is active on your mobile phone, if it’s not active then it will display the last location of your mobile phone.

where is my phone

There are also some apps that will help you recover your lost Android phone, What they do is that they can send you SMS alerts when anyone inserts new sim in the stolen mobile phone, but if the mobile phone is hard reset then it will be difficult to track those phones.

Some mobile phone has the inbuilt tracking system to track lost mobile so if you think you can lose your phone then buy such phones who have the inbuilt tracking system.

You need to create an account in their system so that you can track your lost mobile phone using those account and password.

Like Samsung Mobile allow you to create the account in their platform and in case you lost your mobile phone you can use their service to track your phone.

Change SIM alert Samsung


If the SIM card from your lost device is changed, there is a high risk of personal information theft. Find My Mobile notifies the owner when the device’s SIM card has been changed. Also, a text message that your SIM card has been changed is sent to the number set for the Lock my device feature.

In Same way, many other mobile companies are providing this feature.

How to Protect Data in Lost Mobile Phone

If you want to protect your data in your mobile phone then the only thing you need to do is to access your Gmail account that is linked with that mobile. But make sure all your data is synced in Gmail Otherwise you can’t see any single data on your phone.

You can only access sync data on your Gmail account.

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How to recover Data Using google Account

If you have enabled auto sync with google account and enabled drive also then you can easily sync all data in your new phone, All you need is to add or log in your old account in your new phone and then enabled sync, once you enable sync then all your old synced data will be automatically added to your new phone.