How to make Website Friendly for Google Crawler

If you want crawler to visit your site again and again then you need to follow some guideline by google ,To index any page in google Crawling is must so you need to prepare your website in such a way that google crawler feel friendly to Crawl your website , There are some tips for google webmaster also that can help you in making your website friendly for crawler.

Useful Content that Engage User to your Website

The First and most important point is Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage , Try to engage your users in your website as much as possible especially those who come from google search result. If you have seen long article are listed high in google search and reason behind this is they manage to engage there user to there website by writting long and useful articles.

You can also use Video content to engage your user to your website, Video is the most valuable way to engage your users.

Speed of your Website

Speed matter , If your site takes long time to response then it will give bad experience to google serach user and google will punish you by listing your article in lower pages. so try to make your website as fast as posisble , you can check your website site using google developer tools .

Link Building from Realted Source

Link building is another way to attarct crawler to your website , if you get good and valuable link from related resource then crawler will keep on visiting you and indexing you , But if you take link from spammy sites then along with them you website will also suffer. so avoid taking and giving links to spammy websites.If you want to know more about link building then read 10 Ways To increase Backlinks Using off page SEO Techniques

Create Sitemap To Submit Url

Use sitemap to submit url to google , this will also help google to find your url easily , if you are wordpress user then you can use Yoast plugin to create sitemap , if you are non-wordpress user then you need to use online tool to create sitemap .

how to create sitemap in wordpress

Use Ping Service To Send Updates To Search Engine

Use Ping service if you want your new post to index fast in google , many webmaster have complaint that there article or pages are not index by google , if you use this ping service then google or other search engines get regular updates about your post .

If you are using wordpress then you can add below ping service in your WordPress writing section , if you are non-wordpress user then you need to manually send ping to this websites.


These are the basic information that will help any website to index fast in any search engine. We will also recommend you to verify your website in google webmaster tools to check your performance regularly.