How to Change Hide location of your Mobile Phone

If you have observed that almost all popular apps try to access your mobile location, including many websites and they do so in order to display proper ads and services as per your location.

So today I will tell you how you can hide the location of your mobile phone, All this location is taken from your GPS, whenever you enable your GPS then all such apps save the last location of your mobile phone.

Popular Apps that Access your Mobile Location

Google Map, Facebook are 2 popular and default app that takes your last location of your mobile phone, All dating apps, Browser also accesses your location.

Reason to Save your Mobile Location

They save your Location so that they can show proper ads, display right services, people near you, business operating near you so that you can easily find these people easily.

Why to Hide Mobile Location

Many apps show your last location to your friends and family, so if you will set some other location then they will feel you are at that location even if you are not at that location.

You can also access and easily find that fake location services, you can easily come to know whats happening in that location.

If you are using any dating app like TINDER OR HAPPN then you can easily find people of any area by changing the location of your mobile phone.

How to Hide or Change Mobile Location

To Change the location of your Mobile phone, you need to download a FAKE GPS LOCATION App, If you are android users then search in play store fake GPS location and you can easily find 10-12 apps that will help you change the location of your mobile phone.

These Apps are also available for Apple users, so they can also search in iTunes and find those services.

You can also disable GPS to hide location but it will show last saved GPS location in all your apps, It’s not possible that you never enable GPS in your phone, many services force you to do that, especially when you are traveling then you need to enable that t track roads and path.

Google Save all your Location in History

Google saves all your visited location in their history you can access those data from google account history.

Using this app you can only fake your location for some time, if you want to set this location permanently then you need to run this fake location app permanently and all such apps will drain your phone battery.

So my recommendation is to avoid using all such apps for long period of time.