What to do If Facebook Page Hacked Email Changed

First of all, don’t panic without wasting your time I will direct suggest you follow this steps to recover your lost page, Here time is a very important factor and also never lose hope, if you lose hope your page will never be recovered, You can also file FIR report to your cyber police station.

Hacking or Hijacking page is a Crime and if anyone is involved in this then he/she may be punished for doing this.Now what to do if your Facebook page is hacked.

Change your Profile Password

Change your facebook profile password and all associated profile password which is linked to that facebook page, Doing this will prevent any further hacking on that facebook page.

Review your recent login details by going to Setting > Security and login tab and if you find any unauthorized login then click not you from a drop-down menu of that page.

Enable Get alerts about unrecognized logins, so that you can get alerts whenever anyone will try to log in your profile.

Recover Lost Facebook Page

Go to Hacked Page Facebook and follow all steps to tell facebook, what actually happened and how you lost your pages.

If your Profile is also safe then Visit this Page to Recover your Hacked Pages.

Facebook Profile Email changed

When an email is changed, then Facebook send a message to the previous email account with a special link. You can click this link to reverse the email change and secure your account.

Remove All Apps that asked for Manage App Permission

Remove all recently installed application, Many apps take access to your page and get the authority to post on your page on your behalf, You can find and remove those Apps from your Facebook profile.

Go To Settings > Apps click the X, and confirm by clicking Remove.

Manage Facebook Pages using Business Account

If you linked your business account with your facebook pages then it’s hard for anyone to hack ownership of your page. From Business account, you can manage multiple business pages and you can add remove admin from that account.

Make sure don’t add any unauthorized person in your business account because if anyone gains access to business account then they can hack your facebook page.

If you have a team to manage your Facebook page then you can give admin access to that person and keep ownership of that page in your business account.

There are many cases when employes and hacker gain access to a business account and hijacked your page using team viewer and other accounts.

Avoid taking Help of any Third Party for Page Verification

Facebook doesn’t send any notification to verify your page if you get a notification then avoid clicking on it because its an attempt to hack your facebook page, many page owner are looking to verify their pages and they get into such scam.

Facebook enables page verification option automatically and verification option is automatically visible in page setting, so if you want to verify your page then wait for facebook manual verification.

If everything fails then take help of this form and you can get back your lost page.