If Your Google AdSense account has been Disabled Fix

AdSense account has been disabled.

Current account status: Disabled

Action required: None

There are a lot of reason which results in termination of Adsense account, but before it gets blocked you will get a warning from google and you can see that in “Page-level enforcements”.

So if your account is disabled then the only way to get back your account is using appeal and if you state a valid reason why Google will reactive your disabled account then your account will be enabled.

Reason why your Account is Disabled

  • Invalid clicks and impressions – You are not allowed to click your own ads, google smart technology detect all such clicks very easily so if you do this google can easily identify those clicks.
  • Content – Google doesn’t allow the publisher to add ads on a website that serve Gambling content or content that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Adsense also restricts to place ads where the Copyrighted material is used.
    Traffic Sources is very important for Google because traffic source will decide how ads will be served, you are not allowed to add ads on the website who are getting traffic from a porn site or from sites that violate webmaster guidelines.
  • Ad placement is another important point, you are not allowed to encourage users to click Adsense ads.

These are some important reason why your ads get blocked for details about Google Adsense policy you can visit AdSense program policies .

Google will also see intention behind your website, if a website is launched to help users and that website user is creating scrapped content then Google may enable your disabled Adsense account because it’s created by users, not by you.

What happens to Pending Payment of Disabled Adsense Account

If your account is disabled then all your pending amount will be withheld by google because it’s already stated in the AdSense Terms and Conditions.

How to Appeal Disabled Account

You can find Appeal link in your email which state description about why your AdSense account is disabled, If you don’t see any forum or email then you can email them at adsense-support@google.com.

Google AdSense Ad Serving Has Been Disabled to Your Site

If Ad Serving Has Been Disabled to Your Site then you can appeal to this by login to your Adsense account and visit this Direct link

Adsense policy violation Appeal Form

If you account is disabled for policy violation then you can appeal here, if your account is disabled for invalid activity then appeal here

If you fail to get your answer here then post your question in comments or you can also discuss your issue in Adsense forums for a quick response.