How to Compare Friendship Between two FacebooK Friends

Want to Compare friendship between two Facebook user or friends , few year back this feature is officially available for facebook users  but now that is not available for some reason , but you can still use this compare friend feature.
Now to compare friendship between two friends in facebook you need to copy facebook username of your friend and add that username with your username in facebook url in such a way that in between both username you can add “?and=” like we have mentioned in below example.

  • Example –

Now after that open that url and you can compare friendship between two people on facebook.

If you fail  to compare friendship with some user then that is due to other person privacy setting.


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    Jun 03. 2008

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    It allows to tag comments to give them more visibility.
    When you spend time writing a comment you would be more than happy if many persons read it. If it is just put at the end of a list of comments only a few will.
    But if you had tags, visitors can see a tagcloud of the discussion at the top and can filter the comments which interest them.
    Give it a try!

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