Adds a Set of Links On Small Myspace Images

Adds a small set of links to the bottom of each picture allowing you to do many different things without having to go to the person’s profile.

You can now change the look and order of the icons! On any page in mySpace, simply right-click on the monkey icon in the statusbar and select User Script Commands -> Edit Image Links, and a popup window will appear with options and a drag-and-drop icon editor. There are many different options to play with to change the look and feel of all your image links!
Myspace Links Brlow Images
There are 6 different Icon Packs you can choose from, in 4 different sizes. Including the icons from the original script now updated to include all the new links! Also included are 2 alternative icon packs: Menu, and Text.

To Use this scripts you must be Firefox Users with Greasemonkey Extesion ,If you alredy have both this requirement then upload myspace – add Image Links 2


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