Remove Dark Black Spot Circles below Eyes

There are many reasons of occuring dark black spot circles below eyes ,you can observe this change maily after the age of 18 and this is mainly due to less sleep ,moving without sunglasses during peak daytime hours , Excessive Smoking and Drinking and also due to low supply of blood on yours eyes another reason for occuring this black spot circles is eating less amount of fruits and vegetables rich in carotene .All above reasons are most common in occuring dark black Spot circles under Eyes.

How To Remove Black Circles Under Yours Eyes

There are very simple measures through which you can remove all the black spots from below yours eyes , Just Follow any One Measure from below Points .

  • Do Yoga Sarvangasana to Supply good amount of blood on yours eyes ,this will also increase glow of yours face.
  • Drink alteast 2 litre of Water Everyday and take Proper sleep of aleast 8 Hour and Use Sunglasses when the sun is at its Strongest.
  • Eat Vegitables  Fruits like Carrots ,Spinach , Papaya , Mango atlest 2 times in a weak ,apply cucumber slices or potato slices to closed eyes for ten minutes.
  • Limit yourself from drinking smoking and eating tobaccos as if you will continue all these then above measure will not remove dark spot from below yours eyes.

You can also follow different Ways To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes mention in via and

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