How to Change Order Of Facebook Photos In FacebooK Albums

By default, your albums will appear in the order they have been updated. To change the order of your photo albums, take these steps:

Login to Facebook, goto photos section from left sidebar menu.

Open any photo album containing multiple photos.

Mouse over photo that you want to move. You should see small icon at top left and then drag – drop photo using mouse to desired location.

Similarly, you can move and re-order photos as per requirement in a specific photo album.

In Same way you can also drag and drop photo album , Just  drag – drop album to desired location to re-order the facebook photo album location.


One Response to “How to Change Order Of Facebook Photos In FacebooK Albums”

  1. Eur van Andel

    Mar 05. 2011

    If you do this, do it before adding a description. The description will NOT move with the photo! The new sequence won’t be permanent either.