Change Remove or Edit Mobile Number In Yahoo Messenger

We already know that we can attached to our friends always by signin to yahoo messenger through ours mobile device.But some time it creates problem for many user when they try to change to there mobile number in yahoo messenger. But its not too hard.To change Cell Number In yahoo messenger.

  • First To yours yahoo messenger, from there in messenger menu bar(found at the top of the window), click Messenger, then Preferences. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+P for shortcut.A new Tab Will Open there  In the General Category, you will find the button “Edit Mobile Device.” (at bottom) Just click it then a new window should appear in your screen for editing.And you are done.
  • As you Click “Edit Mobile Device” It will redirect you to Yahoo mobile service , after reaching in that page click ” Delete ” buttom ( garbage box ) to delete yours messenger service or Click “Edit” To change Mobile number.

Tip- you can also chage your mobile number via directly login to yahoo mobile device,In this case you dont need to loin yahoo messenger to change yours yahoo messenger cell number. 🙂


5 Responses to “Change Remove or Edit Mobile Number In Yahoo Messenger”

  1. ravi

    Feb 04. 2009


    i have want change my mobile device in many time but i can’t find the option bt thx for your help i easily delete my mobile devise in yahoo massanger.

    ravi pant

  2. senti

    Feb 20. 2009

    i wanna change my mobile number into yahoo messenger

  3. Dissdia

    May 29. 2009

    You need to delete your current mobile device.
    After that, just exit the yahoo page. Login to your yahoo messenger then go to preference then edit mobile device.

    simple as that

  4. Angelica

    Feb 23. 2012

    I’ve tried to delete my mobile number from my messenger, but when it brings me to the page to click delete mobile number it’ll go to another screen, n says tht the web page cannot be found. Am i doing something wrong? I jst want the number deleted from there cuz all its doing is giving me a headache, its to the point where i want to delete my yahoo account all togther!