Permanently Hide Remove or Delete Facebook Private Messages

There is no Option in Facebook to delete facebook messages permanently.Even if you have deleted your message then you can recover those deleted messages easily.

But you can hide messages permanently from facebook and no one can access that message , to do this you need to Block that person and delete all his message from your profile , Once you blocked that person he/she not able to contact you again and message history is inaccessible.


4 Responses to “Permanently Hide Remove or Delete Facebook Private Messages”

  1. Goblog

    Jun 23. 2008

    Ari sia Anjing Baleg we mere Tutor Teh Jiga nu Teu Niat Anjing

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  2. colorite

    Sep 01. 2008

    its against adsense TOS

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  3. Author

    Sep 02. 2008

    Its Not Against Adsense ToS as we are not editing any adsense code we are only tweaking ours template code

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  4. JDM

    Oct 19. 2008

    It is not against adsense TOS , we modify our blog template not the adsense code

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